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Affordable Family Law Services 
in Agreed Matters

Agreed Divorce?

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June  2024

When you're ready to turn over a new leaf, Laura Genoves, LLLT and Founder of Washington Family Law Tech, will guide you through the family law process from start to finish. Laura provides licensed professional legal support every step of the way in agreed matters - from initial filing to finalizing with the court.

Her goal is to help you grow into the next phase of your life with compassion, dignity, and respect. 

Let her help you reach your new beginning

Services Available

  • Agreed divorce and legal separation

  • Selection, completing, and filing of proper court pleadings in your matter

  • Division of property and debts-up to specific limits 

  • Guidance with navigating the court system

  • Parenting plans specific to your family situation

  • Child Support - initiate or adjust

  • Post-secondary (after high school) support

  • Preparation of mediation materials 

  • Drafting of temporary orders - if needed

  • Finalizing agreed divorces without a court appearance 

  • Mediation services available upon request

  • Unsure? Schedule your "Exploring Options" personal one-on-one consultation for $125 (lasts 1-1.5 hours).

LLLTs offer legal services at a fraction of the cost of an attorney - most attorneys charge $300+ per hour.

I am licensed by the WSBA. I earned an LLLT certificate from UW School of Law, had 3000 hours of supervised experience, and passed several examinations.

In my practice I use many forms of technology to improve efficiency in the process, which saves you both time and money.

Happy family and parenting after divorce

What Clients Have Said

“Prior to contracting to work with Laura, I had no knowledge of what our County Courts required for filing for a divorce, or the complexities and paperwork involved. Amazing that I never needed a lawyer throughout this whole process!”

—  S.J.L., Sequim

Laura Genoves, LLLT (Legal Technician) Washington Family Law Tech
highly recommended Seattle Washington local business - LLLT family law legal services

Get Started Today

Working with an LLLT can save you time and money. Please contact me to discuss your situation. I offer a complimentary 15-minute client assessment. 

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