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About Laura

Laura Genoves, LLLT (Legal Technician) Washington Family Law Tech
highly recommended Seattle Washington local business - LLLT family law legal services

I received my bachelor's degree from UW and then returned to UW School of Law to attain my LLLT certification. I have lived in the Seattle area for over two decades and raised my sons here. I understand firsthand the challenges of divorce and single parenting.

In addition to my training as a legal technician, I have completed collaborative law training, basic mediation training, and advanced family law mediation training which included hours of observation and a supervised practicum. 

I am passionate about alternative dispute resolution and guiding my clients to a respectful resolution. It is always less costly to reach an agreement than to litigate an issue. Going to court takes both an emotional and financial toll on all parties. I encourage clients to seek mediation and look for creative solutions to the outcome in their family law situation.

I am not interested in assisting with high conflict cases. If you are willing to take a reasonable and solutions-oriented approach to your family law matter, I am willing to help. I can assist at a reasonable cost with reasonable solutions. Remember, dividing one household to two will always take a toll, but most people recover financially and move forward with a new normal.

Want affordable legal services? Contact me to talk about your case. 

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Podcast on

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