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LLLTs are licensed by the Washington State Bar to practice family law under the rules set forth in APR 28 (Admission to Practice Rule 28.)  Since 2017, I have assisted many clients with their family law matters such as division of property and debts, establishing child support, and creating a parenting plan.

Most agreed matters do not require a personal court appearance so I file with the court and finalize your matter for you.

If necessary, I provide advise regarding issues that may arise after a divorce such as: revisiting a parenting plan and adjusting child support.  In addition to LLLT services, I am a trained mediator


Practice Areas

Getting Started 1-2-3

There are several steps that occur when working with me. I do my best to be efficient and effective.


Initial Client Call

After our initial call I will create an engagement agreement outlining the scope of work I will perform for you. You will review and sign the engagement agreement and make your advanced fee deposit or flat fee payment through Clio, my trusted online practice management software. Then I'll provide a link to enter your case information to the secure MyPleadings drafting platform.



Generally divorce is split into three parts: financials - division of property and debts, and, if you have children, calculation of child support, and creating a parenting plan. We work on each piece one at a time. Once there is an agreement with the other party, I begin work on drafting the necessary court paperwork. You and the other party review all pleadings, and edits are made if needed. Once all parties approve, the documents are signed electronically by all parties. 


Filing and Finalizing

There are generally two sets of court documents, documents to initiate the case, and documents to finalize. Once your case is filed with the court, I manage your case schedule. After any required waiting period; I will finalize with the court on your behalf. I will assist you with signing up for any court required classes. After all parties have signed the final court pleadings, I will carefully review them, add my signature, and submit to the court for final review.

Family law services and solutions

Each case is unique. I look forward to speaking with you further to discuss the specifics of your case and provide professional and affordable family law assistance.

I have helped many clients work through their divorces, one step at a time. If your case happens to fall out of my scope of practice, I will let you know in writing and either refer you to an attorney or work with an attorney to assist you. I will be there to support you through the process. 

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