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I am licensed to practice family law under the rules set forth in APR 28 (Admission to Practice Rule 28).  I am able to assist with most family law matters such as division of property and debts, establishing child support and creating a parenting plan. I also can assist with issues that may arise after a divorce such as revisiting a parenting plan and adjusting child support or seeking post-secondary (after high school) support. 

Please reach out to me to discuss your case. I look forward to serving your legal needs every step of the way.

Option A

meeting option description

15-minute Introductory Call  >>

This complimentary introductory phone call allows us to introduce ourselves and will determine if your matter falls within the scope of legal technician practice. Please reach out to chat with me for affordable legal services at your convenience.

Option B

meeting option description

30-minute Call  >>

This call is an extended call to discuss your matter in further detail or to touch base regarding a matter for an existing client. For potential clients I can provide general advice. Cost is hourly rate.

Option C

meeting option description

(1-1.5 hours)  >>

This is the first call to initiate a case for potential clients. We will discuss your situation in detail, review any documents you have related to your case, and talk about potential outcomes both favorable and unfavorable. We will determine a strategy for your case and you will then determine if you wish to work with me as your LLLT. Cost is $125.

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