" As an LLLT I offer limited legal services in family law at a lower cost than an attorney.  

My goal is to assist clients with compassion, respect and dignity; keeping end goals in mind."  


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©2018 by Laura Genoves, Legal Technician Washington Family Law Tech.

Working with Laura

Legal Technicians

My particular practice as a legal technician is based on helping clients who are focused on higher end goals. I believe individuals, with the help of a trained professional such as a counselor or mediator, are best able to resolve their differences, rather than turning and returning to the unpredictability of the overburdened court system.

My interest is not in high conflict, litigation cases, but in helping self-aware, mature adults resolve interpersonal conflict and dissolve their marriage. If you have children, the best interest of your children remains a priority. My clients understand the importance of moving forward with their lives and crafting their new normal. 

Should your approach match mine, call or email. We will briefly determine whether a legal technician may be a reasonable option in your matter. If so, we will set up a consultation time to discuss your matter in further detail. Consultations are $125 per hour and some evening and weekend appointments are available. 

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Getting Started with a Parenting Plan

Making the decision to end your marriage is a complicated and difficult decision. However, many people have been through the process and children do adapt. Studies by the Family Court in Australia have shown the harmful effects of high levels of parental conflict. A well thought out Parenting Plan, ideally created with input from both parents, should give children stability and parents a minimal amount of flexibility.  Click here to get a court form to help you start thinking about what the court looks for in a parenting plan. (This example form is for married parents.) 

Filing for Divorce

Are you part of a couple with an amicable divorce or final mediation agreement and need a legal professional to complete all the proper court forms for you? Unsure how to file with the court and finalize your divorce? I can represent one of the partners (never both) to transpose the agreements you worked so hard on, to the required court forms. Flat fees may be available to complete forms in some mediated cases. 


After an initial meeting and signing of an engagement agreement outlining the services I will perform for you, my hourly rate, and office procedures, we will meet again to discuss your matter in greater detail.  I will require an advanced fee deposit in an amount to be determined by the work to be performed. 

The Superior Court of Washington requires multiple forms to be completed and filed with the court to complete your dissolution. You may have received divorced papers (been served) and not know what to do with the forms or what the forms mean. I can help! I will explain the forms to you and talk with you about the court process. We can determine next steps then select and complete proper forms for your situation. Legal Technicians cannot represent you in court or negotiate for you, but when the time comes to complete your dissolution I will be sure you are prepared. 

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