I am so grateful to have been referred to Laura when I went through a complicated modification of my child support order. I wasn't in a great financial situation after my divorce but needed legal advice to get through the process, especially all the paperwork. Laura is such an immense help because she has many years of experience, is skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate and was able to walk me through the process making sure I got all my documents turned in properly and on-time. Laura was also generous about letting me do whatever work I could do myself, and then editing and reviewing to ensure I had filled out the forms properly. I will always be so thankful for all her help and I recommend her with the highest personal and professional regards. Thank you, Laura!


Prior to contracting to work with Laura, I had no knowledge what our County Courts required for filing for a divorce, or the complexities and paperwork involved.

Laura assisted us in the final review and subsequent notarization of our signed Memorandum of 
Understanding. She prepared our Final Agreed Divorce Order and court required documents and provided support and answered legal questions throughout the 90-day timeline until the final day came when it was signed by the judge.

My divorce became final just over 2 months ago.  I am still using some of the resources she provided, including the “I have changed my name, now what?” checklist.  Amazing that I never needed a lawyer throughout this whole process!