" As an LLLT I offer limited legal services in family law at a lower cost than an attorney.  

My goal is to assist clients with compassion, respect and dignity; keeping end goals in mind."  


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©2018 by Laura Genoves, Legal Technician Washington Family Law Tech.

Legal Technician
Washington Family Law Tech

Licensed in Washington to Provide Limited Legal Services in Family Law 
Divorce | Legal Separation| Parenting Plans | Child Support

Legal Technicians are the most recent  type of legal professional in the State of Washington. Legal Technicians offer a new, more affordable option to people who may not need, or simply cannot afford the services of an attorney. Legal Technicians are not attorneys and have a limited scope of practice.

LLLTs may assist with:

  • Dissolutions (divorce)

  • Legal Separations

  •  Child Support (establish or modify)

  •  Parenting Plans

  •  Division of Assets (up to specific limits)

  •  Establishing parentage

Should a matter progress outside the scope of a Legal Technician, your matter can either be referred to an attorney, or the LLLT can work with an attorney in the particular area outside the LLLT's scope.  

I would love to discuss your family law matter with you.  I provide personal, attentive and compassionate legal services. 

Washington Family Law Tech

Parenting Plans

Legal Separation

Child Support


When a marriage ends, parents still remain co-parents of their children and involved in each other's lives. Numerous studies have shown children of divorced parents fare best when not exposed to harmful parental conflict. Creating a clear parenting plan that works for a divorced family is paramount to the health and well being of all involved, especially the children. Laura has years of professional and personal experience with creating parenting plans for families. 

Divorce (Dissolution) is complicated, and for those not familiar with it, the court system can be confusing. Laura   helps you understand the process of dissolution from initial filing to finalizing your documents.  She'll take the time you need to understand the court process, explain court forms and answer your questions. 

Unsure about your options? Laura offers a pre-divorce or pre-separation consultation to help you understand the dissolution process. 

Establishing, Collecting and Modifying Child Support

In Washington, parents are expected to provide financial support to their children. When a dissolution with children is finalized, the court signs a child support order. This can also include support for other child related expenses. Laura will discuss child support with you and explain how support is calculated.  If a parent is not paying court ordered support, there may be options to collect what is owed to the child.

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